Creativity and productivity are given high priority in many modern companies located in and around Amsterdam.

Today, young people make a flying start in the job market but, at the same time, they live with anxiety and insecurity as a consequence of the current economic slowdown.

It is precisely in such circumstances that companies have to be able to rely on a nucleus of staff who feel secure in their work and their role in company operations and who continue to be motivated and productive.

The starting point of Salbar Health Concept is that, despite the threatening recession, employees can continue to perform well as long as they can operate in a healthy environment.

With all the brain activity of today, the physical aspects of daily work are given too little attention. Until, that is, the body protests with pain and persistent symptoms that seem impossible to relieve.

Enjoying your work is an important criterion in the modern labour market. This would appear an intangible phenomenon but employers can do a lot to ensure that people do indeed feel comfortable in the workplace. Working conditions play a greater role than we often realise.

By giving attention to the physical aspect of work, before unwelcome symptoms occur, an employer can avoid that his staff get to the stage of taking sick leave because of physical complaints.