The health of the employee
The limits of what an individual can take differ from person to person. The physical conditions and the work posture play a role in this, as do the degree of movement and exercise at work and during in the rest of the day. The latter are often one-sided or limited. This, can, over time, result in unwelcome physical symptoms.
A high level of work pressure often leads to changes in eating and sleeping patterns that, over time, have an impact on one’s health.

If the company pays attention to these factors, the individual staff member can be stimulated to engage in a healthier lifestyle.

Salbar Physiotherapy provides counselling, training and advice to individuals and groups on all these aspects.
Based on a questionnaire, a survey is presented of the health of the staff members and the course of the symptoms is closely followed.

If required, Salbar Physiotherapy can also counsel people who have been on sick leave for some time concerning their reintegration in the work process.

Salbar Physiotherapy is:

  • Individual counselling on physical posture and how to move your body during the working day
  • Surgery within the company
  • In-house massage and preventive physiotherapy
  • Combatting stress at the workplace