a balanced exercises programme Qigong
The programme of exercise used by Salbar Health Concept offers an integration of Western and Eastern methods. It is not an alternative to the sports gym, but a preventive programme, focussed on achieving the right balance between the body and the psyche. In addition to Western techniques, we also make use of ancient Eastern callisthenics and rhythmic movements such as Qigong, Tai-Chi and Yoga. Qigong [pronounced: che-goong] is the Chinese art of movement and relaxation exercises that, today in China, are considered a component of health care.

Qigong means “inner strength”. It is a system of rhythmic movements and special breathing techniques intended to strengthen spiritual well-being and, in this way, promote physical resistance to sickness.

Qigong is a method of relaxing the muscles and joints and regulating the working of the physical organs. Practising these exercises makes the individual calmer and reinforces resistance to stress. It also increases vitality and the powers of concentration..
In combination with other methods, Qigong can contribute to promoting physical and spiritual health.
Salbar has a Qigong instructor available for instructing individuals and groups in a number of important Qigong exercises.